LuxeVision ipMerge

Looking for an IPTV-based hospital TV system?

The LuxeVision ipMerge™ provides a comprehensive solution, and it’s breaking price barriers as the first all-in-one IPTV solution starting at under $20,000.

This Leightronix IPTV solution is an extremely versatile and scalable hospital TV distribution system. Starting at 50 TV endpoints and supporting expansion to thousands of endpoints within a single system, the LuxeVision ipMerge is an all-in-one solution that includes an application server with customizable middleware, a multichannel video-on-demand server, and a multichannel multicast server within a one rack unit platform.

Benefits of IPTV

  • Media Delivery Over Ethernet, Fiber, and/or Coax: Facilities have flexibility over how best to deploy.
  • Ready-to-Go Middleware: LuxeVision’s highly customizable middleware puts you in control of the system’s look and feel.
  • Video-on-Demand Server and Multicast Server Standard: It comes standard with a VOD and multicast server, meaning you don’t have to purchase additional hardware or software.
  • Developed, Deployed, & Integrated: Since 2007, this system has been deployed in a wide range of countries, operating environments, and markets—in other words, we know it’ll work in your facility.
  • Cost-Effective: Starting at under $20,000, this IPTV solution has a remarkably low cost of entry.

Digital Signage

How Can You Use IPTV?

Digital Signage

IPTV supports your digital signage needs, including video and image-based digital files. Manage your messaging from the cloud or a centralized location. Our systems accommodate standard and enhanced digital signage, as well as safety notifications.

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Personalized Messaging

Use your preferred software systems to deliver interactive content through our IPTV platform. Our system accommodates communications, on-screen notifications, and other messaging needs on a wide range of devices.

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We understand that multiple-dwelling units and large facilities need to prioritize entertainment programming. Through DIRECTV and DISH Network packages, we can help you make residents feel at home with live and on-demand TV and movies.

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