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Impact your patient satisfaction scores with live and on-demand TV and movies

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Improve the patient experience with
in-room patient entertainment

More and more, hospitals are recognizing the importance of patient entertainment. By offering the comforts of home through live and on-demand TV and movies, you can put patients and their families at ease—which can have a direct impact on your HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores.

And with RTG, you have access to a variety of hospital TV packages at a price that won’t break the bank.

HD DirecTV for Hospitals

Deliver all your patients’ favorite channels in HD with a hospital TV package from DirecTV. We can integrate your LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions flawlessly with high-density satellite systems from DIRECTV, giving you access to HD content throughout your facility. Customize your plan with optional upgrades for premium channels, NFL Sunday Ticket, 4K content, and more!

Swank Movies

Our partnership with Swank Motion Pictures means you can give patients access to the latest first-run movies—on demand in the comfort of their room.

patient entertainment system

Everyone wants to improve patient satisfaction scores

Start by raising the bar with your patient entertainment system. RTG makes it easy.

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