Digital Headends

When it comes to digital TV headends, we offer the highest level of service and the latest technology to all our healthcare customers.

Each RTG modular digital headend is designed with the highest quality to bring your facility the advantages of high-definition DSS programming. RTG’s digital headend solution is custom engineered, tested, and pre-assembled to make installation quick and easy. Our digital headends provide more programming options than cable, while delivering cost savings and higher quality entertainment.

Features & Benefits

  • All components are rack-mounted at the factory and shipped ready to install
  • Configurable on-screen program guide
  • Remote management and configuration
  • Frequency agile modulators for easy changes to channel lineups
  • Supports multiple chassis configurations for customized configurations
  • Rack dimensions: 72” H x 19” L x 14” W

digital TV headend

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