Whether you need a system-wide installation or a hardware upgrade, we make the entire process as simple and efficient as possible.


No matter the size of your order, our expert staff provides quality service with consistent attention to detail. At every step, we work to address your needs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

hospital IPTV


Our team has years of experience with installations in the hospital environment, working with staff to minimize disruption and downtime. Whether it’s a simple TV installation or a complete RF Distribution system and HD upgrade, we start with a site consultation to fully and clearly understand your goals and needs.


We specialize in RV DIRECTV and DISH Network systems, including RV antennas. We also sell and install televisions and sound systems, so your RV truly feels like a home away from home.



We specialize in creating a connected programming system throughout your casino, including closed-circuit TVs, digital signage, and more.

Office Buildings

We specialize in installations for large office buildings, including IPTV systems, digital signage, satellite programming, and more. Our expert technicians can provide cabling, infrastructure, and service contracts that allow your tenants to connect to the programming they need.

fitness center

Fitness Centers

Keep your guests entertained while they exercise. Our team can set up DIRECTV or DISH Network service and provide all the hardware and software you need to provide programming around the clock.

Onsite Oil Rigs

Our technicians can install satellite dishes, hardware, and wiring to deliver TV programming and internet access to your worksite. We offer this service nationwide, helping you get a job site up and running no matter where you’re located.

Multiple Dwelling Units and Senior Living

We can handle distribution systems, contract servicing, and troubleshooting, allowing your residents to access the programming and entertainment they need to feel at home.

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