Our History

Remar, Inc. was founded in 1995 with a focus on logistics and warehousing. That focus evolved over time, and handling the logistics of hospital TV systems became a bigger and bigger part of our identity.

As we grew, it became clear that the TV Division of Remar was ready to thrive as its own company: Remar Technologies Group (RTG).

RTG is led by industry veterans with decades of experience in healthcare technology and equipment. Our team understands the unique needs and goals of hospital CNOs, IT departments, and facilities teams, providing the right solutions to address your challenges and fit your budget.

Meet Our Team

Transforming the Patient’s Visual Experience

Everything we do revolves around the patient’s experience in the healthcare facility from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave. From the digital signage they see directing them to check-in, to a clear crisp picture on a TV, to the interactive content they experience, we strive every day to make sure our clients’ patients are able to have the comforts of their own home in your facility.

As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, we are committed to growth and innovation, offering the latest technologies in patient engagement, education, and entertainment.