Hospital-Grade TVs

Upgrade your in-room patient experience with healthcare-grade TVs from LG, Samsung, and PDi

RTG offers a wide range of televisions designed specifically for the healthcare industry to meet any budget. We inventory, warehouse, and ship these products from our headquarters in Tennessee. In other words, we know our products inside and out and provide unrivaled support at every step from ordering to installation.

And with RTG, you have access to a variety of hospital TV packages at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • medTAB 14-inch screen

    PDi: medTAB® Complete Personal Healthcare Touchscreen Smart TVs

    Available in: 14" and 19"

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  • LG: Hospital Grade Pro:Centric LED TV

    LG: Hospital Grade Pro:Centric LED

    Available Sizes: 24”, 28”, 32”, 43”

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  • LG hospital-grade smart TV

    LG: Hospital Grade Pro:Centric SMART TV® with Integrated Pro:Idiom®

    Available Sizes: 32”, 28”, 24”

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  • LG 4K UHD Hospital TV

    4K UHD Hospital Grade Pro:Centric SMART TV® with Integrated Pro:Idiom® and b-LAN

    Available Sizes: 43”, 49”, 55”

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  • LG Smart Touch Healthcare TV

    LG: Personal Healthcare Smart Touch Screen TV

    Available size: 15”

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  • medTV from PDi bedside TV and arm

    PDi: medTV® Complete Personal Healthcare HDTVs

    Available Sizes: 16” and 19”

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  • medTV from PDi

    PDi: medTV® SMART: Hospital-Grade Smart TV with Pro:Idiom®

    Available Sizes: 24”, 32”, 43” , 55”

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  • Samsung healthcare TV LED

    Samsung: Premium LED Healthcare TV

    A SMART healthcare TV manufactured with hospital-specific features to help improve the patient experience.

    Available Sizes: 32”, 40”, 43”, 49”

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