IPTV Engagement

Use internet-protocol television systems (IPTV) to engage, educate, and entertain your patients and visitors

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Our IPTV solutions deliver patient engagement, education, entertainment, and more

At RTG, we use internet-protocol television (IPTV) to deliver patient engagement content that educates and entertains patients and visitors, while simultaneously providing powerful data and analytics to enhance your workflows.

Our IPTV platform integrates with a variety of software systems and hospital applications to centralize and deliver interactive patient communications, personalized patient education, real-time surveys, food service, and more.

IPTV Benefits


Increase HCAHPS Scores

Deliver powerful education and entertainment capabilities, assessing comprehension and patient satisfaction.

Reduce Operating Costs

Streamline workflows and integrations with other hospital systems.

Reduce Readmissions

Personalized patient education videos help lower readmissions and improve reimbursement rates.

Patient-Centered Care

We can integrate with your EMR to simplify the delivery of care throughout the patient journey and improve outcomes.

Transforming the Patient Experience

  • Interactive TV & gaming
  • Diagnosis education
  • Patient communication
  • Hospital information
  • Environmental controls
  • Pharmacy fulfillment
  • Meal ordering
  • Distraction tools
  • Discharge management
  • Video conferencing


patient engagement software

patient education videos

Empower Through Personalized Patient Education

With our IPTV systems, clinical staff can deliver educational videos and interactive learning to empower patients and their families in their own healthcare. Patient education content is delivered directly to any of RTG’s television options so patients can learn about their diagnosis, what to expect during their hospital stay, and what to do after discharge.

Easy EMR Integration

We can integrate with your hospital’s electronic medical record system to assign media and personalize the patient’s experience on any television.

personalized patient education

eVideon patient engagement platform

Better Care, Lower Costs

IPTV can improve patients’ in-hospital experience, raising patient satisfaction scores. Patients better know how to care for themselves, leading to reduced readmissions and better patient safety. Integrations with hospital systems, food service, and nurse call boost efficiency throughout the hospital.

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