When to Change Patient Engagement Vendors

In recent years, the number of patient engagement systems in the US market has grown exponentially. The rise of alternative payment models, the shift away from fee for service, and the increased focus on reducing readmissions have caused providers, hospitals, and health systems to re-evaluate the way they educate and engage patients.

But as you would expect, all options are not created equal when it comes to patient engagement solutions. While some medical groups and health systems may be investing in patient engagement for the first time, many facilities are at a point where the limitations and shortcomings of their existing vendor are coming into focus—and it’s time to consider other options.

3 Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Patient Engagement Platform


Many patient engagement vendors bundle their services, meaning hospitals are stuck paying for a fixed package whether or not they need all those services. In contrast, we take a modular approach that is centered around the facility’s needs.

Clients can add the modules they need, when they need them—whether that is expanded digital signage capabilities, engagement content for specific medical specialties, or premium entertainment options. Adding and removing modules doesn’t create additional infrastructure costs because everything runs through the same IPTV-based system.


Technology has come a long way from the days of pre-printed patient handouts. Patient engagement software can and should give hospitals a wide range of options for educating patients about their health. Written education, compelling video content and other visuals, and engaging quizzes to increase comprehension can all be delivered through the IPTV system.

These tools not only help patients, but care teams and hospitals too. Clinicians can measure comprehension and engagement by how patients interact with the content. And facilities can push patient satisfaction surveys to patients prior to discharge, giving them a valuable opportunity to resolve any issues while the patient is still in their care. If your vendor isn’t providing resources like these, it’s time to consider making a change.


When instituting a facility-wide patient engagement system, there are two foundational pieces to consider: The software side and the hardware/infrastructure side. Most vendors are focused entirely on the former, with very little real-world infrastructure experience. For facilities that already have a firm handle on implementing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure, that may not be an issue.

RTG’s team has decades of experience with hospital-grade technology and infrastructure. We know cabling, smart TVs, and digital headends inside and out. And we’re able to monitor the software side through SignCell. With SignCell, we offer remote site monitoring and support via a highly secure VPN, completely separate from the hospital network.

Next Steps

When it comes to patient engagement vendors, it’s essential to find a partner that can provide the pricing, features, and expertise you need. At RTG, you have access to robust patient engagement solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs, backed by a team with the expertise to help you implement and execute your engagement strategy.

To learn more about how our IPTV patient engagement platform could work for your organization, contact us to schedule a demo.