Choosing the Right TVs for Your Patient Rooms

Amenities provided to patients in their rooms can certainly affect their hospital stay—including the TV setups. With that said, the grainy analog TVs offering local cable channels are no longer acceptable in today’s patient rooms. Your hospital needs a better TV solution that enhances the overall patient experience.

How Patient Experience Makes an Impact

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, one aspect remains constant for medical facilities like yours: the patient experience matters. And today’s patient experience is more than just medical care. Your patients expect modern conveniences during their visit, quality communication, and educational processes that empower them to stay healthy. All of these factors play an important role in your facility’s key success metric: patient satisfaction scores.

These patient satisfaction scores—also known as HCAHPS scores—help hospital leadership evaluate current processes and levels of care, as well as impact facility reimbursement levels from the government. This is why choosing the right TVs for your patient rooms is so important. The right TV can not only improve the patient experience but can increase the likelihood of higher patient satisfaction scores at your facility.

Enhance the Patient Experience with Interactive Hospital-Grade TV Solutions

So, what’s the right TV for your patient rooms? To start, you need to provide the level of engagement patients expect from modern TVs, and you’ll find that in internet-protocol television (IPTV) technology. IPTV provides endless live TV, movies, and on-demand content to entertain and relax patients and their families in their rooms, giving them the much-needed comforts of home. At the same time, IPTV offers personalized communication and educational content capabilities to equip patients with vital knowledge to reduce the potential for readmission.

The right TV also consists of hardware designed specifically for hospitals like yours. This includes hospital-grade televisions like LG healthcare TVs, as well as reliable equipment that helps your TVs last in a healthcare environment, such as Peerless TV mounts, PDI TV arms, and quality digital headends. Combining durable, tailor-made hardware with interactive IPTV technology results in the right TV solution to enhance the patient experience in each patient room.

Find the Right TV Solution at RTG

As you consider your patient room TVs, consider RTG. Since 1995, we’ve been the country’s leading provider of world-class hospital TV systems, patient engagement technology, and digital signage. With our expertise, you can confidently find the right TV solution that improves your patient experience without breaking the bank. Request a quote with RTG today to get started.