Patient Engagement & Education

RTG has partnered with eVideon to provide you with the latest in interactive patient experience technology and education.

With a focus on Partner-Driven innovation, eVideon designs custom systems that engage, educate and entertain patients and visitors, while simultaneously providing powerful data gathering and analytics tools that enhance, rather than replace, current workflows.

eVideon’s PX Platform integrates with a variety of software systems and hospital applications to centralize and deliver interactive patient communications, personalized patient education, real-time surveys, food service, and more.

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The RTG and eVideon design collaboration provides the exact hardware, software, and technical know-how for all your Patient Experience needs. eVideon’s Universal cross-platform software solution sullies a full suite of robust tools designed for use on any operating system and all TV’s.

Partnering to provide innovative technology solutions.

Improve the patient experience on a wide range of devices.

eVideon provides patients, their families, and visitors with more options, enjoyment, and control of their environment during their stay. eVideon’s outpatient and bedside solutions complement RTG’s ranges of hospital grade televisions. Patients are entertained, engaged, and educated; improving experience and outcomes.

With the eVideon PX Platform, clinical staff can efficiently utilize clinical education videos and interactive learning to empower patients and their families in their own healthcare. Education videos are delivered directly to any of RTG’s television options so patients can learn about their diagnosis, what to expect during their hospital stay, and what to do after discharge.

Use patient education to empower those in your care.

Powerful tools for clinical solutions.

eVideon integrates with your hospital’s electronic health record system to assign media and personalize the patient’s language, options, and views on any television. Tools are integrated into the EHR, making it easy for nurses to begin the education process, create assessments, see viewing history, and report results

Hospitals see an immediate increase in patient satisfaction after implementation of the eVideon PX Platform. Patients better know how to care for themselves, leading to reduced read missions and better patient safety. Integrations with hospital systems, food service, and nurse call boost efficiency throughout the hospital.

Designed to enhance, not replace, workflow solutions.

A decade of providing veteran solutions.

eVideon and RTG work with many VA hospitals and CBOC’s and understand the unique requirements associated with providing care to Veterans. eVideon’s automated, bi-directional integration with VistA and the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) offers easy access to education and VA specific resources.

Turn every television into a delivery system for the vital information your patients, caregivers, staff, and community need to be given. The eVideon Digital Signage Solution integrates directly with the eVideon PX Platform providing greater control of your messaging. Build presentations and playlists for multiple groups with simple “drag-and-drop” editing.

Expanding your message through digital signage.

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