Why Hospitality TVs are Important

After a long day at an out-of-town work conference, watching a favorite movie in your hotel room is perhaps just what you needed to relax. Or maybe you still look back fondly upon seeing your hometown team win a championship with your buddies at the neighborhood bar.

Whether you realized it or not, hospitality TVs were a central part of these experiences. Like you, your guests and patrons are also affected by the TVs in the hospitality industry, from those found in restaurants and bars to hotel lobbies and guest rooms. And these hospitality TVs are making a positive impact on the businesses that utilize them as well.

Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience

Hospitality TVs and hotels go hand in hand. Whether it’s a luxury hotel downtown or a roadside budget motel chain, guests expect a TV in their rooms. By offering hospitality TVs with abundant access to live and on-demand entertainment options, hotels can exceed their guest’s in-room expectations.

In addition to offering the comforts of HD-quality entertainment, hospitality TVs can help a hotel uniquely connect with its guests. By using TVs with IPTV technology, hotels can communicate personalized messages to their guests in real-time from the lobby or individual rooms, as well as market their own services and features like in-house restaurants and upcoming special events. As a result of these hospitality TV offerings, hotels can increase guest loyalty and boost their own customer satisfaction rates.

Bringing in More Restaurant Business

A deciding factor when choosing a restaurant or bar can be its atmosphere, and hospitality TVs can help improve this atmosphere in spades. By deploying commercial hospitality TVs throughout their space, restaurant, and bar operators can offer tailored programming that appeals to their customer demographic. This not only increases patrons’ willingness to wait longer for a table to open, but it can also lead to extended visits and bigger checks as customers order more food or drinks while they enjoy their experience.

At the same time, hospitality TVs can be used as a powerful marketing tool for seated customers, prominently displaying drink specials, seasonal menu items, and more. This can generate additional revenue and larger tips for employees as customers add these marketed offerings to their bills.

Maximize Your Hospitality TV Impact with Video City

It’s clear that hospitality TVs can bring numerous benefits to industry mainstays like hotels, restaurants, and bars. But in order to maximize their impact, you need a hospitality TV partner you can trust. At Video City, we make the process easy with hospitality TVs tailored to your needs and budget, plus expert installation services you can count on. Contact us today to learn more.