The Best TV Distribution Systems for RVs

There’s nothing like camping in an RV. It truly gives you the best of both worlds: the familiar comforts of home and the unique exhilaration of the great outdoors.

So when you’ve had a long day seeing the sights and want to just relax in your RV, watching your favorite shows can be an excellent way to wind down. In order to enjoy the programming you love, however, you need a TV distribution system tailor-made for RVs like yours. But which system is best?

Leading Options for Your RV’s TV Distribution System

DISH Network

DISH Network incorporates some of the best technology in the industry to deliver clear HD programming directly to your RV, no matter where you’re traveling across the country. This system offers unique features like “TV Everywhere,” which allows you to watch satellite TV on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet as you’re sitting around the campsite picnic table or fire pit. DISH Network’s portable satellite dish antenna, The Tailgater, also gives you the ability to access nearly endless TV programming with an easy setup that can be completed in no time—all at an affordable price.


With DIRECTV, you can enjoy hundreds of satellite channels in your RV, including premium channels, 4K TV, and live sports packages. This means you can confidently catch the latest episode of your favorite show or watch your team’s next game—even from the campground. DIRECTV is also compatible with multiple mounted or portable satellite TV antennas, giving you a variety of options to find the setup that works best for your RV.

Equip Your RV with the Right TV Systems and Equipment

Choosing the right TV distribution system ensures the entertainment you enjoy at home can be yours as you roam the country in your RV as well. But you also must equip your RV with compatible TVs and sound systems to experience the full at-home viewing experience on the go. Thankfully, partnering with an expert RV entertainment team will give you all the solutions you need.

At Video City, we specialize in supplying and installing your RV with the best TV systems and equipment on the market. Contact us today and get the RV television expertise you can trust—so your whole family can make memories watching the programming you love under starry night skies or out on the open road.