RTG Commercial Partners With Scooters Bar & Grill

RTG Commercial is proud to have completed a full A/V design and installation project with Scooters Bar & Grill.

This classic neighborhood bar has been serving the residents of Garland, Texas since 2000. While Scooters isn’t predominantly a sports bar, their owner wanted to update the facilities to make sure they could give their patrons the best viewing experience possible.

Their willingness to adapt to modern technologies and TV systems made them an ideal partner for RTG Commercial.

From SD to HD

After an initial cable infrastructure assessment, RTG made the recommendation to replace all TVs in Scooters’ facility. It also included moving from a local, standard SD signal (removing all coax, splitters, and cables) to a brand-new digital HD signal with DIRECTV. Switching to DIRECTV means the facility has ownership of the channel lineup and can choose what programming they want.

All-In-One Management

We installed 52 TVs, 2 brand-new video walls, and a full internet-protocol television (IPTV) system. The new IPTV service installed uses a management system called Mediatune, which allows bar and restaurant employees to control all 52 TVs from a singular tablet: turning everything on/off, changing channels, and choosing different programs. The simple interface offers a more reliable network connection, higher quality pictures, and ease of operations in bustling environments.

RTG Commercial designed, built, installed, and programmed every piece of this A/V project and we will continue to service it in the future. Restaurant owners who embrace AV—like those at Scooters Bar & Grill—are discovering how much it helps them stand out from the crowd.

With RTG, you not only get the quality equipment you need, you also get unrivaled service and support at every step from planning to installation. Get a quote from our experienced team today.

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