Announcing New Agreement with Intalere

Intalere Members to Benefit from New Agreement with RTG

Intalere, the healthcare industry leader in delivering solutions designed for improved financial, operational and clinical health for our partners, announces a new agreement with Remar Technologies Group (RTG) for televisions and accessories for healthcare facilities.

Through this agreement, Intalere members will receive negotiated pricing on hospital-grade televisions and accessories, including equipment needed to implement HDTV. RTG offers a wide range of televisions, from brands such as LG, Samsung and PDi. These products are designed specifically for the healthcare industry to meet the unique needs of health facilities in patient rooms and public-facing spaces.

This contract is currently effective through July 31, 2023.

About Intalere

Intalere’s mission focuses on elevating the health of healthcare by designing solutions to improve our members’ financial, operational and clinical performance. We empower our customers and deliver measurable results through our highly personalized approach of creating strategies and programs focused on their goals. From managing their entire spend to strategic consulting around diagnosing particular areas of concern, our unique provider led model allows us to leverage nationally recognized best practices in supply chain and patient outcomes to drive efficiencies for our members. To learn more, visit


About Remar Technologies Group

RTG provides comprehensive solutions to integrate the patient experience with hospital-grade technology. We help our clients give patients the comforts of home in the healthcare setting—from the digital signage they see at check-in, to a crisp picture on their in-room TV, to the interactive content they experience. Along with a complete line of equipment, we specialize in turn-key solutions that include reliable and responsive service from start to finish. For more information, visit