Improve Patient Outcomes with IPTV

As technology continues evolving, it can feel overwhelming to research and choose the right TVs for your medical facility. Internet-Protocol Television (IPTV) is quickly becoming a leading option in the healthcare industry for patient engagement, television, and digital signage.

IPTV centralizes and delivers interactive communications, education, on-screen alerts, and more. This system can help your medical facility decrease operational costs, improve efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction. Here are a few ways our IPTV solutions can help improve your patient outcomes:

Patient Engagement and Education

Hospitals can be intimidating environments, so making patients feel comfortable and secure is key. IPTV educates patients through a library of educational videos that can either be provided by the hospital or by the IPTV solution. When patients know how to care for themselves, it leads to better health outcomes and lower readmission rates.

Another benefit of IPTV is flexibility. Important information can be changed quickly and efficiently for each patient in hospital rooms, digital wayfinding signage, and other information pages on a moment’s notice using the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).


Instant entertainment from DIRECTV and Swank Movies is at the push of a button with IPTV. By offering the comforts of home through live and on-demand TV and movies, you can put patients and families at ease. And more and more hospitals recognize the importance of offering patient entertainment due to the direct impact on HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores.

Why Choose RTG?

At RTG, we offer a wide range of televisions, accessories, and equipment specifically designed for the healthcare industry. From cabling and digital headends to live and on-demand TV/movies and interactive patient engagement—you can get everything you need from start to finish, all from a single source, all tailored to meet your exact needs.

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