Benefits of Wayfinding for Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces like corporate office buildings and large retail spaces can be difficult to navigate, and it’s easy for visitors and clients to lose their way. Static maps can provide a general layout but aren’t easily customized. And if they’re not up to date, they create more problems than they fix.

Interactive digital wayfinding signage, on the other hand, is a simple way to get people from point A to point B. Here are a few of the benefits digital wayfinding can offer commercial spaces:

Easily Updated Information

Stores, departments, and personal offices can unexpectedly change locations, so having up-to-date wayfinding information is a constant priority to avoid any confusion. Digital signage allows commercial facilities to update their maps quickly and efficiently with the correct information—and without having to remake any physical signage.

Positive Visitor Experience

Every business wants its customers/clients to be satisfied with their visits. Interactive digital wayfinding leads to a positive visitor experience because the systems make it easy to find exactly what they’re looking for. And if someone can spend the least amount of time possible finding what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to return in the future.

Fewer Staff Interruptions

With the implementation of digital wayfinding signage, your employees can spend less time answering questions and more time focusing on their work.

Branding Opportunities

Adding your company’s branding to your commercial space without redesigning the entire facility is simple with digital wayfinding signage. Since the systems are highly customizable, the screens can easily reflect your logos, colors, fonts, videography, and images.

Help your customers, clients, and general visitors find their destination with ease. At Video City, we’re a one-stop solution for planning, installation, and maintenance of your commercial facility’s digital wayfinding signage.

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