4 Reasons Why You Need Video Walls

It’s no secret that medical facilities and hospitals contain many high-traffic areas. Whether it’s a grand lobby, waiting area, cafeteria, or hallway corridor, these places are full of people with various needs at any given moment. And it’s often here where it is most crucial to communicate and engage with patients, visitors, and staff.

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to make an impact in these important spaces—with video walls at the top of the list. As you consider implementing this technology for your high-traffic areas, here are four key reasons why your facility can benefit from video walls:

1. Amplified Patient and Visitor Engagement

Medical visits can often be stressful experiences for patients and their families, so it’s important to engage these visitors in the ways they need. With video walls, you have multiple avenues to amplify engagement. For example, video walls can provide a variety of entertainment sources to calm patients as they wait for medical care. Or they can be used as healthcare TVs to display answers to commonly asked questions before appointments.

2. Multipurpose Flexibility

Video walls can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s digital signage, live TV, entertainment, news, marketing, or facility information, video walls provide much-needed flexibility in each space. Plus, with multi-panel capabilities, video walls can display several content options on one screen. This flexibility empowers you to quickly adapt to the needs of the moment in your facility.

3. Brand Impact and Aesthetic Beauty

If you’re looking to make a statement or leave an impression on your patients and visitors, a video wall can help. It’s essentially an immersive marketing resource. With its large visuals and eye-catching appeal, a video wall can provide a memorable experience that showcases your health system’s brand to a captive audience.

You can also bring beauty to your patients and visitors by using video walls to display digital art. Not only does this liven up a space, it allows you to easily cycle through artwork more affordably than purchasing and rotating commissioned pieces.

4. A Powerful Communication & Navigation Tool

When you have critical information to communicate to the masses, the vehicle for that message is incredibly important. With the prominence of video walls, you can ensure key messages reach the greatest amount of people in your facility. Not only is it a powerful way to communicate, it’s an efficient option as well, especially for navigation-related information. Directions displayed on video walls will cut down on lost patients and visitors asking your staff for directions.

RTG: Your Reliable Video Wall Partner

With video walls playing an important role in your facility’s most-visited areas, it’s vital you partner with a video-wall provider you can count on. At RTG, we’ve been providing healthcare TVs, video walls, digital signage, nationwide TV installation, and more to health systems for over 25 years. If you’re ready to bring video walls to your facility, get a quote from us today.