Hospital Grade TV's

Whether you are looking for top of the line Interactive TVs, a Smart TV, or a Standard Hospital Grade Television, Remar Technologies Group has you covered.

RTG offers a wide range of televisions designed specifically for the healthcare Industry to meet any budget. To offer quick delivery of our products we inventory,  warehouse, and ship these products from Tennessee.

Hospital Grade TVs

medTV powered by PDI Arm Mounted Bedside TV

A bedside healthcare-grade, high-definition patient TV for a personal entertainment experience.

Available Sizes: 14", 16", 19"

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medTV powered by PDI

A-Series Enhanced Entertainment Healthcare-grade Flatscreen HDTV

Available Sizes: 24”, 32”, 42”, 55”

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LG: Hospital Grade Pro:Centric LED

Available Sizes: 24”, 28”, 32”, 43”

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Samsung: Premium LED Healthcare TV

A SMART healthcare TV manufactured with hospital-specific features to help improve the patient experience.

Available Sizes: 32”, 40”, 43”, 49”

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LG: Hospital Grade Pro:Centric SMART TV® with Integrated Pro:Idiom®

Available Sizes: 32”, 28”, 24”

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4K UHD Hospital Grade Pro:Centric SMART TV® with Integrated Pro:Idiom® and b-LAN

Available Sizes: 43”, 49”, 55”

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LG Personal Healthcare Smart Touch Screen TV

Available size: 15”

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