The Importance of Remote Patient Monitoring in Modern Healthcare

Nowadays there’s a good chance your hospital is operating at or near capacity. That means your [likely short-staffed] nurses and physicians are running between rooms, trying to keep up with demand while simultaneously creating a constant backlog of care. If only there was a way you could ease the burden on your staff and improve your hospital efficiency. Well, with in-hospital remote patient monitoring, you actually can.

Remote Monitoring Improves Hospital Efficiency and the Patient Experience

Remote patient monitoring has grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of telehealth appointments. The ability to treat and monitor patients remotely from their homes has made a major positive impact on both patients with chronic conditions and the staff overseeing their care. Remote monitoring not only helps reduce readmissions and emergency room visits, it also gives staff more flexibility to devote more time to the pressing needs of hospital room occupants, improving the in-house patient experience.

And when it comes to the care of hospital room occupants, remote monitoring can benefit them as well. With large facilities, nurses and providers spend excess time walking to each hospital bed to address patient needs in person. But with remote monitoring capabilities in each hospital room, hospital efficiency can substantially improve with medical staff able to directly address many patient needs—without ever leaving their offices. But to make this happen, your facility needs the right hospital TV systems and equipment in place.

IPTV’s Role in Remote Monitoring

There are TVs and then there are hospital-grade internet-protocol television (IPTV) systems. The latter makes a world of difference in hospital efficiency rates and the patient experience. IPTV-capable televisions such as the LG Hospital Grade Pro:Centric SMART TV® provide modern video chat capabilities that allow for virtual patient interaction and remote monitoring. On top of this, IPTV can provide endless on-demand entertainment options and personalized on-screen patient education content directly into each occupied room, making room occupants happier and patient satisfaction scores higher.

When these TVs are paired with IPTV systems like the Leightronix LuxeVision ipMerge™, you can easily implement remote monitoring in all of your patient rooms—and even remotely manage content sent to your patients from anywhere. That means your staff can monitor and communicate with more patients in less time. The result is a more efficient, less burdened medical team long-term, smoother hospital operations, and a better overall patient experience.

Implement Remote Monitoring at Your Facility With RTG

At RTG, we provide turnkey IPTV solutions specifically for medical facilities like yours. This means you’ll not only have access to the best hospital-grade TV systems and equipment, but also the proven expertise and experience needed to ensure your transition to remote monitoring is as seamless as possible. To learn more, contact us today.